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I know, every blogger and his dog has mentioned the wonderful animal photographs by Andrew Zuckerman! Even his website is stunning, and his book is on my wishlist. Take a few moments to look though some of his lesser known photographs.


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day 3: thought about cake


So I thought about getting a piece of cake or other little sugar-laden (but gluten free) morsel today, I seriously rubber necked the dessert counter at Code Black Coffee. I got my usual long black and forgot about the cake – it’s not like on any other day I would get something like that, but being conscious of the fact that I can’t have it, of course I start thinking I want all sorts of crap!

I ate leftover lamb chops with braised red cabbage for breakfast, some veggies and salad for lunch, a few handfuls of nuts throughout the day, and I have a “shepherds” pie in the oven… I was going to make my paleo version of lasagna but at the last minute I realised I didn’t have enough tomato. On auto-pilot I started creating my beef mince version of shepherds pie (it’s usually quite yummy) but of course I didn’t have the herbs I usually use because I kept those particular ones fresh and never purchased them dried (all of our plants had to be given away when we move) then I realised the only stock I have in the house is one that has some added sugar SIGH not very whole30 compliant.

Rest assured I will not be photographing my strange dinner this evening, I ended up concocting my flavours using tomato and paprika as a base… I think it tastes ok.

Which reminds me! This book has been on my wish list for sooo long, I think it would improve my ability to improvise in the kitchen!

There you go. Day 3 of the Whole30, uneventful (food wise) besides some random thoughts of cake and an interesting dinner resulting from my inability to plan! ;)

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day 2 – no change

I’ve already failed in my resolution to blog every day this month! No matter, I’ll keep going as best as I can – life has a way of getting in the way doesn’t it :)

This is Day 2 of our Whole30 and I’m feeling fine. Of course I haven’t had to do anything any differently yet, we generally eat a very clean Paleo diet anyway, but just wait… all of the bad habits we’ve redeveloped these past few months will raise their ugly heads. Sugars, both processed & ‘natural’, white rice and too many foods such as nuts. Losing the habit of dessert, something sweet after dinner will be the hardest part of the next month, we developed the taste and I know the sugar demons will kick up a stink.

Last night for dinner I made an Asian Eggplant (aubergine) and Pork dish, it was yummy! It did lack the caramelisation which would have come from some sort of sugar, usually I would have popped in some coconut sugar, but it was really quite tasty. I don’t have any photos unfortunately.

Tonight I’m planning my speciality, Baked To Hell Lamb Chops!*, braised red cabbage and some nice crispy green beans.

Breakfast was a tasty affair, some nice sweet potato hash with a couple of eggs scrambled. I grow very tired of eggs and usually eat leftovers from dinner the night before, I’ll be making more of an effort to make enough dinner for the two of us, a little for Kiki and two lunches the next day.

Autumn is raising it’s head today but it’s been pretty schizophrenic, overcast then raining, with really warm sunny patches – I need to perfect my clothing layering skills for this climate! I’m used to warm or hot, not multiple seasons in one day! The sun came out just as I was showing Kiki some new playground equipment so we unfortunately couldn’t stay to play long, but she liked what she saw :)

While Kiki has her afternoon sleep I’m thoroughly enjoying some time for myself, I’m ignoring the house work, my knitting and (blush) an episode of Star Trek Enterprise is calling my name.

*lay forequarter lamb chops on top of garlic and bake in the a moderate oven for a few hours until they’re falling off the bone.

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it’s a whirl

Life is moving too quickly nowadays! So much of my day is spent running after a ridiculously active 7 month old, attempting to keep some sort of order around the home when I am anything but an organised house-wifey type…

I’d much rather roll around in the grass at the park and go exploring new neighbourhoods than mop sticky floors, and I prefer to read interesting recipes and work out how to adapt them to our paleo lifestyle than actually cook them… a conundrum ;)

I hope you are up to something fun over this long Easter weekend – we spent five days last week at the Blue Mountains for a little climbing trip with our Queensland friends, and so we’ve decided to have a mostly quiet few days. We met with friends this evening …

and we have friends coming over for lunch tomorrow. In true John style we’ll be serving an Indian feast instead of my suggested traditional Easter lamb roast. We’ll start with cauliflower with fennel and mustard seeds, spinach with potatoes, and some papadoms, along with some crispy greens beans, a goan-style hot and sour pork, and a red lamb stew with a little rice… dessert? No hot cross buns here! We’ll have some carrot halva :) You can picture the havoc that will be wreaked on the kitchen tomorrow morning… much more fun than a chocolate pigout!

Do keep in mind that we paleo-ise these dishes, with the exception of the papadoms and rice which are more for our guests. Speaking of which… can I keep my motivation to find time to blog? Starting Monday I’ll be partaking in my first official Whole30, John and I have lived for months unintentionally Whole30 compliant, but not this year, and certainly not since I fell pregnant! Our diet has become quite “dirty” in the past 14 or so months and it is time to clean things up! Slay the sugar demon and all that.

To encourage myself I am going to attempt to blog once daily, sharing how I am feeling and how it is all going, especially sharing any slip ups to keep myself accountable. Even if it is a photo or single word, one blog post a day, every day in April.

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6 months old

Monday marked Kiki’s 6 month old birthday, more accurately she’s a few days over 26 weeks, but you have to start celebrating by the month and not the week at some stage – this is my some stage :)

I can’t believe it was less than one year ago I was pregnant…

Pregnant on a Virgin Australia MEL to BNE Leaning to the left

The photo on the left was on the plane after a brief visit to Melbourne, we suspected then that we would be moving down here but it wasn’t a sure thing so we hadn’t shared the news with friends yet. On the right showed two things, how Kiki kept crowding to the left for the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, and how I indulged the myth that eating spicy foods would speed “things” up… It’s rubbish, tasty tasty rubbish :) Kiki was born exactly on her estimated due date.

Next time I’ll enjoy those last few weeks, but by this stage John had secured his new job and his start date was either a set date 2 weeks after her estimated due date or if she was overdue 2 weeks after her birth. All I could think was that if she was early then I would have more time with John around and trying to pack up our townhouse by myself and organising an interstate move with a newborn.

At every stage I think “This is my favourite age”, “No wait, this is my favourite age”, she changes so much every week. She’s at my feet right now, sitting herself up with her attention switching from Rage and the tall box of toys that she has been trying to work out for the past week. It won’t be long and she’ll simply push it over to get to the contents.

I’ve been enjoying Vine over the past few weeks, for me it’s like a video Instagram but with many more creative possibilities… not that my little films so far are particularly creative! I love them anyway, in 6 seconds each they show how adventurous, happy, and fun my now 6 month old is :)

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