friday night knitting

Friday night

It was a nice night, slowly slowly getting through my Paulie cardigan – I plan to make a second, striped one, as soon as my nice plain grey Paulie is complete :)

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three years of the sun

This is beautiful! Three years of the sun in three minutes.


beloved sweatshirts gummybear

beloved sweatshirts cupcakes

beloved sweatshirts floral

How fantastic are these jumpers/sweatshirts?!! I have a soft spot for the wallpaper floral design, but I’m also having fantasies of wearing the cupcakes to the gym! (… not that I go to the gym, but you know, maybe stand outside on the street like in that Simpsons bit.)

John has a not-so-secret love of gummybears, specifically these ones.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an occasion such as a birthday that would warrant the purchase of a Gummybear sweatshirt? Oh wait, we have a birthday next month? :)

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knitting for this week

If I’m ever going to get some knits for me started I really need to knock off a few wips!

First up for this week is getting Chicane finished for John. It’s all seamed, the zipper purchased (doubting the colour now though… I think it needs to be darker), right now I’m knitting the ribbed neck and if all goes well I should have that finished and the front edges neatened by a crocheted edge by the end of the weekend.


Once the (possibly newly purchased on Monday) zipper is basted in I will have my first experience with sewing in a zipper to one of my handknits! I’ve never put a zipper in to a knitted item so I’m excited – if I can steek then this is a walk in the park :)

Then I’ll be right on to finishing Kiki’s Baby Sweater On Two Needles (February), I started this while I was still pregnant but stopped once I realised it was big enough for at least a 6 month old…. Well guess what? She’s 8 months old now and I still haven’t returned to it!


It’s lace. It’ll stretch :) The colour is gorgeous and the pattern is cute, I’m considering some sweet little pearl buttons and a matching hat in the left over Alpaca Silk Georgette (in Sprig, my most favourite yarn + colour! for projects for myself).

Less talking about it and more actually doing it! That’s been my motto for this past week – so far so good!

Have a happy weekend :)

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how to make takoyaki

I don’t know why, but I find instructional videos created from this point of view so strangely hypnotic, mesmerising! As mentioned before :)

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