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piñata cookies

M&M filled pinata cookies
All images © She Knows

Are these just the most amazing biscuits you’ve ever seen?!! They would be perfect for a child’s birthday party favours, you could have a large scale piñata and these little treats as part of a take home package! Take a quick look at the steps on how to make them below, and click through to read the full instructions.

how to make pinata cookies
All images © She Knows

hypnotic konapun

I challenge you not to be mesmerised while watching these little demo videos by RRcherrypie!


We went to pick out our very first Christmas tree yesterday (photos as soon as I can put it up…) and I couldn’t resist getting an alpaca nanoblock!

It’s the cutest thing ever and was so much fun to put together, I’m very tempted to get more!

Nanoblock Australia, and the Japanese website.

crochet, flowers & moving interstate with a newborn

twine in between showers you can sit outside
pretty pink poppy Untitled
wood & wool stool jessie thank you flowers

Take a look at wood & wool stool’s photostream – my new favourite place to look at beautiful photos of lovely things.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time each day looking at beautiful things on flickr. I’d love to be decorating, making pretty items, and gazing at teeny baby clothes but in reality I’m facing up to the prospect of packing for our move.

For a couple of hours this week I wrestled with culling my fibre, fabric, yarn, and art supplies – I gave away my printer (we’ll get a new one to share) and laminator (impulse purchase as an art student when I decided that laminated items are a necessity) – still to go is a lot of arty, designery magazines, stationery items, paper and the sorts of colourful bits and pieces I have become an expert in collecting over the past 30 or so years.

If we get everything not currently being used daily organised and packed up, there’ll be so much less to do later… that’s the theory anyway. At nearly 39 weeks my motivation to pack is not quite enough to actually get me moving. Wish me luck!

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making everyday beautiful

meditation in pink


flowers from our garden Pink Roses

dutch sampler # 1

the way she makes me feel a glimmer of a hope...

The Cushion That Became a Blanket

fiori di campo the latest crop of strawberries

My new favourite group on Flickr is Making Everyday Beautiful, so many lovely photographs of beautiful crafts, food, scenery, flowers – it’s a nice way to spend some time just soaking up some beauty.