6 months old

Monday marked Kiki’s 6 month old birthday, more accurately she’s a few days over 26 weeks, but you have to start celebrating by the month and not the week at some stage – this is my some stage :)

I can’t believe it was less than one year ago I was pregnant…

Pregnant on a Virgin Australia MEL to BNE Leaning to the left

The photo on the left was on the plane after a brief visit to Melbourne, we suspected then that we would be moving down here but it wasn’t a sure thing so we hadn’t shared the news with friends yet. On the right showed two things, how Kiki kept crowding to the left for the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, and how I indulged the myth that eating spicy foods would speed “things” up… It’s rubbish, tasty tasty rubbish :) Kiki was born exactly on her estimated due date.

Next time I’ll enjoy those last few weeks, but by this stage John had secured his new job and his start date was either a set date 2 weeks after her estimated due date or if she was overdue 2 weeks after her birth. All I could think was that if she was early then I would have more time with John around and trying to pack up our townhouse by myself and organising an interstate move with a newborn.

At every stage I think “This is my favourite age”, “No wait, this is my favourite age”, she changes so much every week. She’s at my feet right now, sitting herself up with her attention switching from Rage and the tall box of toys that she has been trying to work out for the past week. It won’t be long and she’ll simply push it over to get to the contents.

I’ve been enjoying Vine over the past few weeks, for me it’s like a video Instagram but with many more creative possibilities… not that my little films so far are particularly creative! I love them anyway, in 6 seconds each they show how adventurous, happy, and fun my now 6 month old is :)

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