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julies kitchen on instagram julies kitchen on instagram

I found the julieskitchen Instagram via The Fox Is Black and am I ever glad! The photos are absolutely lovely, in particular the food collages.

My Instagram is usually flooded with day-to-day activities, sometimes interesting, sometimes not, and featuring the baby where possible… The people I enjoy following are the ones who put the effort to share artistic and creative photographs, taking a photo of your lunch? Better make it beautiful because I don’t want to see it otherwise. Also your liberal hashtagging annoys me so much it makes me want to never tag another thing myself to bring equilibrium to the universe… even though in a past life I was a SEO professional and hashtagging stirs up something akin to glee in the statistic loving crevices of my brain.

I know, who cares what I think especially since I’ve just admitted to being one of ‘those’ happy snappers right? :)

Anyway! I’m very happy I am now a follower of julieskitchen,¬†please drop by and look at all of her¬†beautiful photographs!

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