It’s officially the Christmas season, a time for trees, lights and decorations. Stocking hanging and little gifts mysteriously appearing under the tree. And let’s not forget… photos with Santa!!

Do you decorate for Christmas? Is it with a northern or southern hemisphere theme? Don’t forget my original Christmas question!

This year I’m really enjoying and appreciating other peoples decorations, I took the photo below of the small second Christmas tree our friends have – they have a traditional green tree, and then a small white branch tree decorated in white Christmas inspired decorations. It’s lovely!

crocheted christmas tree ornament

I’m inspired to create some decorations for our apartment – I’ve pinned some ideas,¬†and am in the process of making some little ornaments. I have a sewing project to complete by the end of this week – more photos soon! – so the rest of the ornaments have taken the back burner but even if I only make one a day, that is one impressively crochet covered tree!

Crochet Christmas ornaments

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