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I find myself these days considering a completely different set of requirements when choosing my next knitting projects… my browser is a swirl of crocheted blankets, tiny sweet clothing, and clothing for me that will allow easy access for breastfeeding. I’ve found a couple of pieces that I am excited to cast on, maybe my list will help any knitters considering gift alternatives for future Mothers – forget the baby blanket or booties, make something for the Mummy!



First on my list is Boxy, which I’ll be casting on as soon as I decide on the yarn – cotton or linen, or possibly a silk/wool blend…



Lemongrass by Joji Locatelli. I think it will be a wonderfully comfy and snuggly winter knit – plus cables! I’m considering naming 2013 the Year Of The Cables, a drastic measure to force myself to cast on some of the many cabled projects languishing in my Ravelry queue.

The buttoned split sides will allow convenient access for breastfeeding, and will also provide some cover for both privacy and the elements – I’ve recently discovered how unpleasant it is to get your chest out to feed while outdoors in cold weather, a jumper with side access will minimise the exposure. I’ve already planned my modifications for this knit – I don’t like the rounded corners of the front and back panels, so I will squaring them off, shortening the body slightly, selecting a size with at least a few inches of positive ease and I will knit at a loose gauge to ensure the finished piece drapes nicely and sits well at the hips.



Accord by Norah Gaughan. This little top is a perfect example of what I’m looking to wear over my little stretchy singlets this summer. A nice overshirt with positive ease in order to pull it up without damaging it, and a stretchy undershirt that I don’t mind pulling down in order to feed the hungry hippo.

After looking at the very few fo’s online I can find for this project, the key is clearly selecting the correct size (not too big) while keeping the loose gauge for the lovely drape that really makes this piece, I will most likely use a lighter weight yarn in a cotton, or cotton blend. A hemp yarn would also be ideal for Accord…



Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer. I love this drapey stripey pullover. If extended, the front button placard will provide perfect breastfeeding access, alternatively you could simply knit with more ease to provide more space to easily pull it up in front. I love this simple knit and I’ll be casting it on asap.


Modern Juliet by Joanne Lew-Goltz. This tunic would require some modifications to produce a much longer button placard but this would be a very simple task and I think the results would be both stylish and practical. I love this knit! The sweet little font pocket, and gathers around the neckline are just lovely. I think it needs to be knit up in a fun bright colour. I look forward to knitting it and to wearing it.



Countless cardigans and sweaters that look lovely while allowing quick and easy access to feed your little one – feel free to find some inspiration from my Ravelry queue, I suggest starting from the end and working backwards :)

Oh and to show I’m not biased against baby blankets, one that I’ll be casting on asap is the cleverly devised Because It Makes Me Happy, a single colour stripe treble crochet blanket by Derrin Berry. I’ll be using all of the left over yarn from my Pretty Ripples so it’ll be another item to add to the pink explosion currently happening here :)

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