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Sunrise over Windsor, Melbourne Sunrise over Windsor, Melbourne

Sunrise over Windsor, Melbourne

I took these photos  from our friends balcony on our last trip to Melbourne, it was only mid-July but it feels like an age ago! I was 34/35 weeks pregnant and I felt like I couldn’t possibly be any more pregnant, I was slow to get around but I didn’t want to miss any part of the fun so I waddled after everyone and even went out to a cocktail bar that night – my mocktail was delicious! It’s almost unbelievable to me, but I can’t quite remember just how it felt to be pregnant, that makes me feel a little sad but I only have to look at our little girl to feel happy that I’m not!

At this stage we hadn’t made any firm decisions on when to move to Melbourne but we had definitely decided that we would, a future filled with change and opportunity stretched in front of us and it was really exciting! It still is, but I’ve hit my patience limit for it to all be here – I do think I’m the most impatient person I know, I regularly resolve to work on this… how does a person teach themselves to be patient? Probably some routine of self denial of desired material objects and meditation to work on everything else :)

From today it is still two weeks wait for me, but I have plenty to keep me occupied, including a rapidly growing baby and the packing and general wrapping up of our affairs in Queensland. We’ll miss our friends and the weather enormously, but it’s time for a change!

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