looong weekend

It feels as though the baby is completely ready to arrive! I even had some false labor last night – it differed from the constant Braxton Hicks that I’ve been having by being actually quite painful, buuut I ended up falling asleep and it all stopped.

So I’m feeling quite deflated this morning and eager for events to just move along. I’m torn between wanting to head out, run around on the beach, be in the sunshine and eat fish and chips near the water (… not that we eat fish & chips normally), and just staying in having a quiet day on the couch. While I’m sure that the couch will win out, I do wish there was some event near us, a food festival, an already organised lunch or a movie we both really want to see being released today… no matter, I’ll get some rest and hopefully get some knitting done, and feel all refreshed for labor to start this afternoon! :| I’m determined to stay positive about the time frame.

As we can’t really justify moving with all of our pot plants most of them will be heading out to my parents’ garden, and yesterday my Dad gave me a tour of where he plans to plant some of them – I know the blueberry tree, sage, rosemary, and thyme (all beautifully established plants that I love) will be very happy being in the ground rather than in pots, but I’m still reluctant to find a home for the succulents… I haven’t convinced myself that they should live with anyone else yet especially as I’ve had some of them for over ten years and so many of them hold a lot of sentimental meaning.

I’ll have to take some plant ‘glamour’ shots before I leave them :D and possibly take one large pot with us containing a leaf from each – this is a great idea I think, it’s as though I get to keep the same plants while at the same time starting again with them. New beginnings!

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