Introducing Kiki!

Rotating baby Checking things out

Our beautiful daughter Kiki is two weeks old tomorrow!

She arrived very very quickly at 3.33am, one day before her estimated due date, and we haven’t really stopped to draw breath since. Even though the labour was extremely speedy she became distressed and her heart rate slowed enough to warrant the arrival of an obstetrician, paediatrician, and some additional helpers, to assist in her delivery.

Seeing her eyes for the first time in the NICU nicu

Kiki and Daddy passed out...

Kiki was taken away to the NICU because she didn’t adjust to breathing on her own very well, but within 24 hours she was coping well enough to have all breathing tubes removed for a move into Special Needs, and then later that afternoon she was able to move up to my room with me.

Seeing her along side some very ill babies, including extremely premature babies, it was so obvious that her troubles were minor and that we were, and are, extremely fortunate. She seemed like a little giant at 3.68 kg, and hearing her squealing screams compared to the tiny mewing of her room mates made me feel very bad for the other parents.

Our care at the Mater Mother’s Hospital¬†throughout my pregnancy, the birth, and our care afterwards, has been exemplary. All of the Doctors, Nurses, and Midwifes were just wonderful, the choice to go to the Mater over any other public or private hospital in Brisbane was justified by the level of care we received – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

In other news, our move to Melbourne is certain! I’ll try to share some updates in the next three weeks, but things are certainly going to be busy for me. John is leaving for Melbourne early this Sunday morning to start his new job and find a new place for us to live so we’ll be apart for 3 weeks, something I’m absolutely dreading. As sad as it makes me, it will be worth it in the end when we’re all together again in our new place, ready to explore a new city full of different experiences and opportunities.

More later! Actually probably a lot of baby posts later with many photos :)

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