38 weeks

Spicy foods and pregnancy Dock at Wellington Point

Photo 1: Chopping chilis for some spicy tuna cakes while the baby pushed herself as far to the left as possible.
Photo 2: Looking out towards Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island from Wellington Point.

I’m hoping the baby will arrive sooner rather than later and I have to admit to compulsively googling how I might help her along… the photos above show the current plan, eat spicy foods and go for nice walks :)

Seriously, I don’t think anything I can do will speed events up – but that isn’t going to stop me from investigating massages, or discourage the eating of copious amounts of pineapple and chili. I do think keeping a positive attitude and staying as relaxed and calm as possible is the best mind space to be in so I’m actively pursuing relaxing activities, but with my attention span severely shot this is a lot harder than it should be. I can’t seem to stay on track with what I’m knitting, and the simple crochet blanket I cast on with the intention of mindless activity can’t even begin to hold my attention.

Another reason why I’m actively pursuing relaxation and calm is that WE’RE MOVING INTERSTATE. Yes, I yelled that. We’ll be leaving the Sunshine State for the Garden State. J has accepted a new job and is scheduled to start two weeks after the birth.

So. He’ll be heading down to Melbourne to begin work and look for an apartment, our furniture will go into storage, and the baby and I will be staying with my parents until we have a home to move into. It may work out differently and we’ll get to go down all together at the same time but that looks fairly unlikely at this stage :( Logistics aside, this is a very exciting career opportunity and will present some exciting lifestyle changes – change like this is never a bad thing, and we’re looking forward to it.

This is such a huge year! Huge, enormous, absolutely life changing. Married, a baby, and a move across the country. Wish me luck!

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