small outings



I was so exhausted after having another big day on Saturday – and it was only visiting family and hitting up Ikea! In fact we had to cut our plans short because I just could not keep walking any longer.

So it’s all about the little daily outings; walking to the new neighbourhood Mexican joint and having lunch, wandering around baby stores or planning which movies are must sees

Speaking of movies, one film I am looking forward to so so much but is scheduled for release in Australia at the most inconvenient time (the baby will be about 2 weeks old) is the remake of Total Recall! Apparently the story line is closer to the sci-fi short story written in the 60′s which the original film was based on – not that I’ve read this story to feel particularly attached to the plot, but Total Recall 2012 looks much darker and a lot more slick that the original so that appeals to me greatly… I like my sci-fi to take itself seriously :)

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