I’ve been spotting so many stunning images of children on the internets lately, especially on Pinterest and it has me thinking a lot about recording our daughter’s first couple of months especially.

I can only hope that in five years time I don’t have a drive full of crappy photos that I can’t bare to delete :)

These are all of older children, but they’re all appealing to me in different ways so I thought I’d share. I might do a round up of photographers I would love to hire for some family portraits, and photographers whose style I wish to translate to some baby and family portraits for us.

1. Source: pinksugarphotography.typepad.com via Jodi on Pinterest
2. Source: etsy.com via Jodi on Pinterest
3. Source: ngoisao.net via Jodi on Pinterest
4. Source: tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com via Jodi on Pinterest
5. Source: emmacassi.com via Jodi on Pinterest
6. Source: adorablelife.tumblr.com via Jodi on Pinterest
7. Source: dylanreyes.tumblr.com via Jodi on Pinterest

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