for the weekend

I’m off for a little weekend away, and really looking forward to it!

John flew down to Melbourne yesterday for business, and I’m joining him there this morning for the weekend. As an added bonus John booked me on business class, yay for free stuff and extra room!

While I’m not prepared for the supposedly freezing weather, I’m very happy my Dipped Infinity Scarf will get a proper work out, no matter how cold it gets up here a warm scarf is never desperately needed :)

I’m taking my camera but with only one lens, so expect a touch of instagram-spamming, but with sights like these who could blame me? I’m hoping to be back for a visit in the summer time.




According to the multitude of baby books and websites out there – which I’m only half reading due to the mostly silly information and advice – the 34th week of pregnancy is the perfect time to take a ‘baby-moon’… well that’s perfect timing for this weekend, but not really what this little trip is all about. We’ll be staying with friends for a weekend of fun and eating out, including a birthday celebration dinner.

I should deciding what layers of clothing to take so I’ll let you go, happy weekend, and a note to all of my Northern Hemisphere friends I’m being made jealous by all of your beautiful outdoorsy summer photos… so keep them coming and I’ll share some of all the rain we’re getting!

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