dyeing adventures

… adventures is perhaps overstating things a little :)

We’ve been given about 15 baby wraps! There are 10 muslin wraps, a couple are white and the rest are light pink with a little embroidery in the corner, and the others are a thicker cotton in a waffle pattern except one.

I decided to keep the larger sized ones with the embroidery on them as cot sheets, they’re the right size and soft, perfect. The others I figured were fair game for some dip-dyeing experiments. This afternoon I dyed one of the thicker cotton wraps a brighter pink (Flamingo Pink from Dylon) and popped two of the muslin wraps into the sides, lowering them every 10-15min. Everything worked well, and I love the colour – if you’re going to have something pink it should scream PINK, not this whimpering baby pink – but I should have planned the dyeing space a little better. The transitions of colour are fairly mottled and uneven, expected, but in a chunkier way than I would have preferred due to the way I had the fabric folded and draped over the edge of the container.

I’ll take some better photos tomorrow when I crack open the Tropical Green and Bahama Blue :)

This nesting urge that’s been digging in this past week has me feeling more than a little irrational – but also has me feeling more in control, I have lists coming out of my ears and we have almost everything we’re going to need for when Tigger finally arrives. Our prediction is that she’ll be ready to go at about 38 weeks, so some time around the 10th of August rather than the estimated delivery date of the 19th… We’ll see! I’m towards the end of my 33rd week and I seriously cannot remember what it felt like to not have a moving watermelon strapped to my front :)

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