clouds & sunsets (36 weeks)

clouds from above sunset from above the clouds

It was a great to have a weekend away – especially since I’ve found myself so slowed down in my 35th week of pregnancy, I think that was probably the last weekend where I could physically walk around all day and still be out and about of an evening for dinner and drinks (well, watching everyone else have drinks…).

I love the view while flying over land, I could look at the changing scenery for hours and we were treated to a particularly beautiful sunset – we were on the wrong side of the plane though and this was the best I could capture before window reflections started getting in the way.

Happy Monday! I’m in my 36th week now and I’m absolutely still feeling completely calm about everything… does this change? Will I fly into a frenzy of panic, worry or fear of the birth process or the future soon?

I hope not. I don’t feel like that is about to happen. What I’m feeling most is excited anticipation – I can’t wait to meet her, she moves with such attitude in the womb that I feel like she is already a real person with feelings and motivations, so I’m looking forward to the time when this is true. I can’t wait to introduce her to friends and family, take two million photos of her and marvel at how perfect she is. I can’t wait to see her cry and be there to sooth her. I can’t wait to see her father holding her.

(I’ll let you know if/when the panic sets in :)

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