baby knitting frenzy

More baby knits inspiration

Baby knits inspiration

Ok, frenzy is a little bit of an exaggeration as I have only been working on one project but in my mind the queue of baby related knitting projects have taken on gargantuan proportions! Stripes are featuring, as are bright colours and soft textures.

In an attempt to focus myself I visited Kelly at Tangled Yarns last week, which helped enormously with inspiration, but absolutely put me in a panic because there are probably 25 projects I just neeeed to make before Tigger arrives and I have not much time to knit it all in. First world problems!

I’m currently prioritising, and forcing myself to only have one baby project on the go at the time – this will prevent the crazy cast-on free-for-all that will surely happen if I began everything I feel like knitting at this moment :) I’m 27 weeks pregnant this week, I should begin a countdown!

We’re away camping and climbing for a long weekend this week, and as I am not climbing I just might get some knitting in over the three days out in the bush… but more likely I will laze around taking photos and reading. I’ll be baking a lot tomorrow in preparation, so you may only hear from me again next week. I hope your week – and weekend – is a great one!

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