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climbing elephant

Elijah in a climbing harness

I knit Elijah for a friend who often jokes about wanting a baby elephant as a pet… she’s also a climber so I added a little climbing harness haha :)

He worked out well but his head became unfortunately squashed after he made his way to the bottom of a bag while travelling…

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time for a new browser?

I’ve been thinking for some time of ditching Safari in favour of Google Chrome and this video has me wanting to do it now. Besides being a fun promo, the fact that in Chrome a crashed tab wont crash the whole browser and google’s claims of faster speeds had me downloading and installing.

I’ve always really liked Safari but after a few days (I don’t shut down my laptop & often have multiple tabs left open, the same ones for days at a stretch) it’s seems to clog up almost, grinds to a halt and becomes maddeningly slow taking up to a minute to open a new tab. I don’t want to change the way I work, so on to Chrome.

Watch the whole video, it’s pretty cool :)

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That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work

That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work

Interesting article on the successes and pit-falls of turning your hobby into a business. The focus is on women who have quit their day jobs and used etsy to sell their art.  This is something I have been considering for some time, I set up a new etsy account which you can see is completely bare and spoke to a number or artists/craftists who sell their wares by combining multiple online shopfronts and markets around the state. I think the best advice I received was to just put something out there, and then keep going.

For me, 2010 is the time to see what I can do :)

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holiday time




rainbow lorikeets

Last weekend while we were visiting my parents, I wandered through the garden and took so many photos… 256 to be exact :) Something I love about my father’s garden is his choice of plants, an interesting combination of fruits, vegetables, and australian natives. Another big bonus is the visitors they get of an afternoon.

rainbow lorikeets

It’s that time of year, and tomorrow morning we’re heading off for a couple of weeks. My laptop and camera will be with me as always and so I hope to have lots of interesting things to share.

Happy holidays :)

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kitty surprise

This response to the Surprised Kitty video on youtube gave me such a laugh! I hope it cheers up what I’m sure is a hectic week for everyone else too :)

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