weird weather day

I find myself enjoying the weather down south during this Winter so much! The cold isn’t bothering me, and as long as I can avoid getting wet, the beauty of a day that undergoes so many weather changes in such a short time period is just stunning.

Case in point, one day earlier this week.

A short rain shower followed by a stunning double rainbow.

Double rainbow in the morning

It began to get very moody and broody.

The day turned very moody

A storm swirled in with some spectacular cloud displays.

Storm approaching

And ended very damp, bright, sunny, with more rainbows of course :)

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lack of sleep



It’s amazing how lack of sleep can change your entire outlook – the smallest obstacles can become absolutely infuriating!

Walking outside to a sky this beautiful helps, and after another coffee and some breakfast maybe I’ll avoid any additional technology meltdowns this morning…

Winter sky

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vsco grid!

I’m so pleased! No sooner had I mentioned my current new interest in VSCOcam I received my invite to the grid, think a lovely minimalist place to display your photographs created using VSCOcam without a lot of mess, it’s a peaceful way of looking at and appreciating some really beautiful mobile photography (or iPhoneography).

I’m still cross uploading to flickr, but take a look at my grid, I’d love to know what you think!

A couple of recent uploads…

Making friends

Wedding bling

Sydney Road & Glenlyon

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just keep going

Best advice ever when it comes to blogging, even if it means random photos and one sentence posts! I began writing this while breast feeding my 10 month old, and am finishing it the next day while she sleeps. Time for myself these days has been at a minimum! For all the best reasons.

These days I find it’s way to easy to get stuck while trying to achieve the things I want with the time I have. It’s important to look at each small, achievable task when you have a specific goal and take it step by step – or you get bogged down by the details, it’s too easy to procrastinate and it all just looms over your head. Like this blog. I love it. I’ve enjoyed having this space for all the years I have had it. I hate the way it looks! I’m a designer (not a web designer btw, & certainly not a WordPress expert) and it makes me cringe. So I don’t post because I’m busy redesigning or looking at new templates and thinking about how to ‘fix’ them to be perfect for me.


So I’ll just keep going, step by step, and enjoy the process rather than having the end goal looming over my head like some massive unattainable goal!

The past month or so I’ve been enjoying the VSCOcam app very much. It’s so nice to use and the photographs of many of it’s users are so beautiful! Food for the artistic eye after so many Instagram filtered photos of food (don’t get me wrong, I like Instagram a lot & I’m as guilty as anyone else of ‘gramming ugly unartistic photos of food haha).

Here are some of my recent iPhonography efforts :)


The fog!

Elevator selfie Slats

Melbourne inner city rooftop garden

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lane art

Melbourne lane way art Melbourne lane way art

Love the font & design of these



AC/DC Lane

I really like these two lanes, AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place, they’re not the most vibrant or beautiful but they usually have some nice treasures and are well worth the visit. We’ll check in from time to time to see the changes, new additions and older favourites.

On this particular trip our friends pointed out a few nearby lanes they have scouted for their August wedding photos :) Final decisions won’t be made until the last minute, you can never tell what the backdrop will be like on any given day.

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